23 Ocak 2011 Pazar

a link by kimchi and chips

A LINK, Design Korea 2010 from Mimi Son on Vimeo.

'link' creates a constantly evolving city of paper boxes,
each filled with the face and story of a different visitor to the installation space.

juxtaposing technology and simple materials, the bounds of the private and public spheres,
and the ideas of viewer and creator, the interactive installation was designed and created by
by kimchi and chips, the collaborative studio of london-based technical designer elliot woods
and seoul-based artist mimi son.
adopting the form of a miniature cityscape,
the sculptural component of the project involved stacking and arranging 400 cardboard boxes.
the design team developed their own projection mapping software
to flexibly accommodate the large number of surfaces,
so that each box is capable of projecting a unique video feed from one of six projectors,
linked to three media servers.

to engage viewers as participants in the piece, a series of kiosks lines the border of the installation.
here, interacting with a touchscreen device and videocamera, anyone can record a video of herself,
which is then saved and replayed on boxes throughout the work.

the changing faces and constant activity of the piece
recall the movements and encounters of people in real cities,
and raise questions of memory and its relative permanence
in an increasingly digital society.

the designers express the foundational goal of the project
as 'bringing developing technologies together with everyday materials,
and bringing people together to share their stories and presence'.

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