21 Ekim 2010 Perşembe

"Quants, the alchemists of wallstreet" by Rogier Hendriks

Dutch tv network VPRO, airs a series of documentaries covering topics that involve our current financial and economical "industry" world-wide.
In one episode, directed by Marije Meerman, "Quants" talk about the way they think and how their way of thinking can determine the direction of our economy.
This 50 minute long document, contains 6 custom short abstract animations we did, to "explain" the complexity, randomness, speed and danger of the economical world we live in.

Direction: Rogier Hendriks
Art Direction & Design: Menno Fokma, Rogier Hendriks
Animation: Menno Fokma, Reinier Flaes, Remco Jansen, Rogier Hendriks
Sound Design: Studio Takt

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