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Gedda Headz - Spaced Out, Jean-Julien Pous

Gedda Headz - Spaced Out from jayjayp on Vimeo.

One day, I was on set for a corporate shoot, in the east mountains of France. I was busy as a runner can be, carrying heavy equipment, wires, spotlights, all sorts of things, when I got a phonecall. The number was hidden, and a stranger spoke to me with what I thought to be an Indian accent. Danish. He was Danish. I found a mail later this day, from this guy, asking me to come up with my own concept and shoot a music video for him. As most of those random proposals turn out to be dead-ends, I was a bit skeptical at first. But mails followed, and we talked about concepts, team, shooting, and other practicalities. Then I went to the Berlin Film Festival, where I met Keidrych. He sat down in front of me, and ask me: "Do you have a project ? Is there a budget ?". We started talking about it. Weeks later, we were flying to Hong Kong to make this happen. Hong Kong because it's futuristic and intense, like an Asian Neverland. The track has a little Asian feeling to me, the techno beat mixed with the 8-bit-style synthesizers.

Followed a month of preparation, careful plannings, a few arguings, meetings, location scouting, a tad of random castings drunk at 5am in the clubbing street. A week of intense sweating, shouting and shooting. Another month of post-production, grading, etc. And finally, here it is.

I have many thanks to make. First, to Ulrik, for offering me this great project, and for trusting me. Then, to Keidrych, for our teamwork and our passionate discussions about life, Boards of Canada, Thai food and music videos. To Sophia, for her strength and kindness. To Purcy, for sticking to the plan. To Sam, for putting together the best riders of Hong Kong. To Miggy, for making the costumes real, and Irving, who did just the same with the set. To Connie, for her communicative joy. To Yindy, for her "Don't go in that street ! The triads will ransom and kidnap us !" To the whole camera and lighting crew, who made us never worry about anything technical. It just worked. To Anna, Eric and the Free-D Workshop team for having done great VFX in no time. To Christophe and Alexandra, from Tempesta Production, Etienne and Charles, from Digimage, for their generosity. To Tommy, for his amazing photography ( check his flickr.com/tgkw ), his sense of the decisive moment, and his vibrant colours. To the riders, George, Chun Chai 俊仔, Thai Chai 泰仔, Alex and Billy. Thanks for having made the rollerbladers come back. To all the actors and actresses, for their patience and because they really played the game. To Teresa. Thank you. For you being amazing, for your unique and silent way to talk to the camera. I'm shooting a short film with her, produced by Sophia. It should be finished in a few months.

To Anna, Neha and Yin Kei. Thank you for joining the team.

To my closest friends, Tommy, Samuel, Manu, and my family, for supporting me.
Written & Directed by: Jean-Julien Pous
Producer: Sophia Shek
Executive Producer: Ulrik Jensen
Cinematographer: Keidrych Wasley
Production Manager: Purcy Cheung
Associate Production Manager: Connie Cheung
Location Manager: Yindy Leung
Stylist: Miggy Cheng
Set designer: Irving Cheung
Assistant Director: Sam Ip
Post-production: Free-D Workshop
Visual Effects Producer: Anna Wan
Grading: Charles Freville, Digimage, Paris
Set Photographer: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan
SteadyCam operator: Julian Cheng
Stunt Coordination: George Jackson
Main Cast:
Frank, skateboard stunts: Chun Chai 俊仔
Jasper, BMX stunts: George Jackson
Zoe, rollerblader stunts: Alex Tsui
Teenager girl: Teresa Sheung
Teenager boy#1: George Liu
Teenager boy #2: Billy Clarke
Teenager boy#1 stand-in, skateboard stunts: Thai Chai 泰仔

Helen Louise Norton: crazy lipstick girl
Louise Mitchell: sexy lips girl
Rachel Elizabeth Williams: telecom girl
Helen Siwan Leclerc: yoghurt girl
Sarah Leclerc: porcelain girl
Brian Schulman: scientist
Kirsteen Barlow: fashionable girl

Band members: Demir, Miles Slater
Extras: Anna Lui, Neha, Yin Kei Yee
Cameras, Lenses & Equipment: Salon Film, Hong Kong
Music: Cutfather & Jonas Jeberg (Kylie Minogue, Ace of Base, Morrisson)

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