19 Haziran 2009 Cuma

Orange Teknolojisi, Karolina Kret

Bugünün heyecan veren videosunu az önce sevgili asistanım Aytaç izletti. Karolina Kret tasarlamış. Şu anda vaktim yok akşama işle ilgili çeviriyi yapıp ekleyeceğim.

Orange Brand Video from Karolina Kret on Vimeo.

The Task
To raise awareness of the effort it takes to make Orange look engaging and complete and why creative excellence is important. The audience includes those beginning their relationship with the Orange brand: new employees, new creative agencies or new countries joining the group. This showreel would be shown globally to non-English speakers, and needed to exhibit how it takes effort, passion and process to make the Orange brand look and behave so fantastic online. It was essential that the storyboard would show simplicity out of complexity, and be straightforward without overwhelming detail of the brand elements.

The Idea
The bottom line: award-winning work speaks for itself; it brings favourable feedback from customers and delivers results. The best way to demonstrate this is through an overview that would excite an audience by the type of projects that the interactive brand team covers. We want the audience to feel that by seeing this they would be motivated to make sure the work they create is always on brand. Being that there is such a wide range of work and detail to be covered, it was important that the visual treatment of the showreel would not overpower the work itself.

The step-by-step process here is shown in first person, giving the audience a sense of interactivity with the brand. It keeps the elements light and digestible; this is fun we are working with. No more boring ‘guides’ of the past, here is something experiential that is tactile for the audience. The process itself shows the brand is hand made with love, and that good things take time and effort. The simple things in life are the best, and the Orange brand- though very comple is cool and accessible.

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